Windsock Pole

We manufacturer a 19-foot-tall stainless steel windsock pole. This pole comes in three (3) 7-foot sections above ground and one (1) 5-foot base underground. The pole incorporates a hinged base to easily lower windsock frame for maintenance. BDS WP19-SS (BDS 19-foot Stainless Steel Windsock Pole).

If you would like to use your own windsock pole, we provide a 1” NPT connection on the bottom of our windsock frame assembly for connection to 1” or larger support pipe supplied by others. The installer must decide whether to use a 1” or larger pole/support pipe for the installation. Galvanized schedule 40 pipe is most commonly used. This pipe can be purchased at any plumbing supply house, Home Depot, or Lowes.