The world’s most demanding customers rely on BDS!

BDS Markets Served

The world’s most demanding customers in the most adverse environments rely on BDS internally lighted, externally lighted, and non-lighted windsock systems for their information and safety needs.

Windsocks are a mandatory safety item in many areas of aviation and industry. Often, it is required that the windsocks be lighted for nighttime and/or low visibility conditions. Windsocks are designed to show the wind direction and give a general indication of wind speed. A BDS Lighted Windsock System is the perfect solution for all your safety and information needs!

We have supplied our BDS internally lighted windsock systems to the US military, US Coast Guard, offshore platforms, hospitals, chemical plants, railroad yards, airports, waste treatment plants, banks, police and fire departments, mining facilities, food processing facilities, industrial manufacturing facilities, to name a few.

(Airfields & Helipads)

Hospitals &

Government Agencies
(Military & Defense)

Food & Beverage

Petroleum, Oil, & Gas

Dairy Farms &

Water & Sewer
Treatment Plants

Refrigeration &
Cold Storage

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