From a simple idea to the world’s first internally lighted windsock

History of the BDS Lighted Windsock Frames

windsock system

Model 718 LWF
BDS Systems first started manufacturing lighted windsocks in the spring of 2002 and used an internal light assembly to illuminate the windsock. The light assembly was a self-contained solar powered light. This unit, the BDS Model 718L, had 17 LEDs and had an amber lens.

Model 720 LWF
In the spring of 2004, we redesigned the light assembly that illuminated the windsock. The light assembly had bright white LEDs and many more LEDs. The white LEDs gave our unit a brighter illuminated windsock. This was the BDS Model 720, and the light assembly had 44 bright white LEDs. The frame was all stainless steel with ball bearings. Our solar powered system required a solar panel with a sunlight controller for operation.

720L windsock
windsock system 735LWFM2

735 LWF (M2)
In the fall of 2011 we replaced the end ball bearings with a Delrin type ball bearing mechanism.  Delrin is a material well suited for the job. We eliminated the red rubber rain cap and now use a Delrin rain cap. When a brighter LED light is needed in the windsock frame, we use two (2) light assemblies and this was our Model 735LWF (M2).

740 LWF
In the summer of 2013 the Model 735LWF, which had a round stainless steel center tubing assembly was replaced. Our new Model 740LWF frame has a square 4 inch PVC center tubing assembly with Delrin type ball bearings. This 4 X 4 tubing provides a flat surface for mounting the light. The 304 stainless steel support rods and ring for mounting the windsock remain the same.

740LWF 500x500 JPG
751LWF windsock system

751 LWF
As additional improvements in LED technology become available we too continue to make improvements to our windsock systems. In May 2015 we made available two Series of windsock systems utilizing the new 120 volt, PAR 38 LED bulb(s). 751 Series and 752 Series are very energy efficient, 17 watt = 90 watt incandescent. The LED screw in type bulb is suitable for wet locations and has a life expectancy of 5 – 6 years based on the bulb being ON 10 – 12 hours per day.

Our 751 Series systems have one 120 volt LED light bulb whereas our 752 Series systems have two 120 volt LED light bulbs. Both models can be supplied with an optional photo control unit for ON at sunset and OFF at sunrise (Dusk to Dawn operation), an optional top beacon/obstruction light, or both. Our 752 Series is the brightest internally lighted windsock system on the market today.

752LWF 45 Flipped JPG
WF18 windsock systems

Non-Lighted Windsock
In January 2016 BDS Systems released a new line of non-lighted windsock frames. These non-lighted windsock frames are outfitted with the same type of non-corrosive vinyl tubing and delrin bearings that are currently available on our internally lighted windsock systems. An 18”, 24”, and 36” non-lighted windsock frame are available.

In May 2016 we again expanded our product line and released a new line of externally lighted windsock frames. BDS’s 754 Series Lighted Windsock Systems utilize four LED PAR 38 light assemblies to externally light the windsock. Lights shine down on the windsock. These externally lighted windsock frames are outfitted with the same type of non-corrosive vinyl tubing and delrin bearings that are available on its internally lighted and non-lighted windsock systems.

754LWF windsock systems

All of our lighted windsocks can be supplied with a top beacon except as noted above.
Our standard windsock frame is 18″ in diameter. 24″ and 36″ windsock frames are available on special order.

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