Airport & Airfield Windsocks

BDS Windsock solutions for both Public and Private

Airport windsocks are used in just about every aviation setting, including major airports, airfields, heliports, glide ports, parachute centers, balloon ports, seaplane bases, and ultralight.

BDS Windsock Systems provide pilots with an indication of the wind direction and speed from a greater distance than our competitors. Our airport windsocks are useful to identify potentially hazardous crosswinds during takeoffs and landings. Our lighted windsocks are more visible and pose less glare to pilots. Therefore, our lighted windsocks increase the safety of takeoffs and landings for pilots, especially at night and in low-visibility conditions.

Aviation regulations require the presence of at least one windsock at all landing facilities. If the landing facility is intended for use at night, the windsock must be illuminated. BDS’s internally lighted and externally lighted windsock systems provide the ultimate solution to these regulations regardless of what hour of the day or night.

We supply our BDS Windsock Systems to all sectors of the aviation industry including thousands of helipads and airports, both private and public, throughout the world.


Some of our airport & airfield windsocks customers Include:

Airport & Airfield Windsocks
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