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BDS windsocks are an essential safety tool in the petroleum, oil, and gas industry. Our windsocks are used in these locations to identify wind direction in the event of a potential hazardous substance or gas escape.

Accidents can happen at night as well as during the day. For plant personnel fleeing a hazardous situation, knowing the wind direction and speed is crucial and could be the difference between life and death. If this type of accident does happen, your BDS lighted windsock system will let your employees know which way not to run, enabling employees to move to a save location.

For site safety, the windsock is an invaluable quick reference tool for determining wind direction and estimating wind strength. It can take a considerable time to get accurate meteorological information in emergency situations. However, BDS windsocks are an instant guide and can help determine how a critical incident may affect the surrounding areas.

Petrochemicals Oil & Gas Refineries

Install a BDS Windsock System at your petroleum, oil, and gas refineries and move away from the direction of the wind in the event of a hazardous gas leak. Many workers are being asked to carry out their duties at work sites that have airborne hazards present. If your workplace carries the risk of a hazardous leak, a BDS windsock is essential to ascertain the wind direction. When escaping from a gas leak or the fumes from a chemical spill, employees must move away from the direction of the wind.

For example, Hydrogen sulfide (HS2) is a hazard that is common in the petroleum, oil, and gas industry. It is a colorless gas that is heavier than air. At high concentrations it has little or no smell. Yet concentrations as low as 600 ppm can be deadly to humans. In lower concentrations, it will cause shortness of breath and eye irritation. The use of a BDS windsock to determine the wind direction is a critical safety tool to help protect workers. This will help you to determine the safe zone.

Being able to accurately determine the direction of the wind by way of a windsock is you first line of defense. Our lighted and non-lighted windsock systems have been supplied to many petroleum, oil and gas platforms throughout the world including the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, and Israel to name a few.

We are a global supplier of lighted windsock systems to the petroleum, oil, and gas industry.

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