Water & Sewage Treatment Plants

We supply our BDS Windsock Systems to many water and sewage treatment plants including the State of New York for their water supply to New York City (NYC).

The BDS windsock is an essential indicator of wind direction should potential hazardous substances escape. Our windsocks are used in these locations to identify wind direction in the event of potential hazardous substance or gases escaping. If this does happen the windsock signals the wind direction, enabling employees to move to a save location.

Hazardous substances – Lime based products are used during the water purification process to soften and improve water quality. Lime dust can be an irritant if inhaled or comes into contact with eyes or skin. This can become a hazard in high winds if lime dust is blown around the water treatment plant. Installing a BDS windsock on site means staff can clearly see the direction of the wind and evacuate safely if required.

We are a leading supplier of lighted and non-lighted windsock systems to the water and sewage treatment industry.

Water Treatment

Some of our customers Include:

Water & Sewage Treatment Plants
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