Seaports & Marinas

Seaports & Marinas Windsock Systems

Seaport & marina windsock systems rely on commercial windsocks to help boat operators and marina personnel with safety measures, navigation, and docking. These windsock systems for seaports & marinas are used for standard ports, commercial ports, and cargo ports.

Wind Direction for Seaports & Marinas

Wind direction is a primary concern for boats and yachts coming in and out of seaports & marinas, such as commercial ports or cargo ports, to help them maneuver in and out of slips and to dock at the right angle to avoid collision or damage. In severe wind conditions, boats can be blown to collide with each other or with other objects in the marina, causing safety issues and damage.

Wind direction is also critical information at large commercial ports, where ships and barges arrive and depart with commercial cargo to be lifted by crane on or off the vessels. Weather conditions can make it difficult for crane operators and port personnel to maneuver the cargo safely on and off the carriers without damage or injury.

Seaports & Marinas windsocks

Commercial Windsocks Installation at Seaports & Marinas

BDS Systems Inc. commercial windsocks installed at marinas, ports, docks, or even directly attached to large vessels and cranes, informs operators and marina personnel of up to the second wind conditions so they can adjust their actions accordingly.

BDS windsocks for seaports & marinas are available non-lighted, internally, or externally lighted, and in 120V and solar-powered units, with an optional FAA-approved red LED steady burn top beacon/obstruction light for visibility, to provide information about wind conditions for boat safety and efficient operations.

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