Commercial Windsocks

Commercial Windsocks Applications

BDS Systems Inc. commercial windsocks are used across a wide range of industries and applications for reliable visual indication of wind direction and speed, to ensure safe and efficient operations.


Farmers and agriculture workers rely on commercial windsock systems to help determine when to apply pesticides or fertilizers to crops.


Windsocks are commonly used at airports and helipads to provide pilots and air traffic controllers with a visual indication of the direction and strength of the wind, to help navigate takeoff, landing, taxiing and flight path changes.

Commercial building

Chemical Plants

Commercial windsocks are critical for monitoring wind direction and speed at chemical plants should there be a spill or leak that requires they move personnel to a muster point safely away from the hazard, and to help prevent chemical spills and leaks from spreading to nearby areas.

Construction Sites

Windsocks are an important safety mechanism on construction sites, needed to indicate the direction and strength of the wind when using cranes and other heavy equipment.


Windsocks are used in industrial settings to help determine the direction of air flow, such as in ventilation systems, or to monitor air quality in areas where hazardous materials are present.


To help prevent litter and debris from blowing away from the site, commercial windsocks are often used at landfills to monitor wind direction and speed.


Boats, ships and marinas rely on systems of commercial windsocks to communicate wind direction and speed for captains and crews to adjust sails, paths, speed and to determine the best course of action in rough weather conditions.


Outdoor sports facilities install commercial windsock systems for wind direction to help athletes and coaches make strategic decisions during games and practices.

BDS Systems Inc. commercial windsocks can be used anywhere wind direction and relative speed is needed to inform safety and performance decisions.

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