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Our BDS windsock systems are an essential health and safety tool within the commercial refrigeration and cold storage industry. The BDS windsocks are positioned at key points across refrigeration and cold storage sites and are used to indicate wind direction in the event of a hazardous substance leak.

Hazardous substancesAnhydrous ammonia N3H is a potentially hazardous gas which is found at commercial refrigeration sites. It is a refrigerant and utilized in cold storage facilities to maintain low temperatures. As long as employees do not inhale the gas, there is no risk to health. However, in the event of an accident or leakage of the gas, if inhaled it can cause several symptoms and become a health hazard. Anyone who is exposed to the gas should immediately seek medical treatment as long-term exposure could be fatal.

Refrigeration site evacuation plan – As this sensitive chemical is used at all refrigeration and cold storage sites, these sites are required to have an extensive evacuation plan. The plan includes the emergency response procedure to help avoid possible life-threatening consequences if there is an accident or leak. A crucial element of the plan is the installation of a BDS lighted and/or non-lighted windsock system. Our windsocks are installed in high, visible locations to indicate wind direction in the event of a leakage of a hazardous substance such as anhydrous ammonia. This enables your workers to move to a safe location away from the hazard and avoid contact with the leaked gas.

We are a leading supplier of lighted and non-lighted windsock systems to the refrigeration and cold storage industry.

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