Government Agencies

Government Agencies Uses and Needs for Windsock Systems

Military and government agencies trust BDS Systems for their windsock safety and information needs. From electric and solar-powered lighted windsock systems to non-lighted systems, our superior commercial systems are trusted to provide reliable, uninterrupted safety information.

For decades, BDS Systems has supplied our lighted and non-lighted windsock systems to United States government agencies. In fact, the US Government utilized our BDS internally lighted windsock on several military installations going back to the War on Iraq.


Windsock Safety Systems for Military Pilots

Military pilots are often required to make split-second informed decisions based on wind direction both in daytime and nighttime operations. Our internally and externally lighted 120-volt and solar-powered windsock systems for government agencies are available with a patented photo control unit for Dusk to Dawn operation to ensure visibility for pilots to take off, land, taxi, and navigate aircraft safely under any light conditions. BDS Systems is also the only commercial windsock system with an available FAA-approved steady burn red LED top beacon/obstruction light for reliable safety.

Construction of Windsocks for Government Agencies

BDS Systems windsock frames are uniquely designed with Delrin-type bearing hubs that permit the frame to rotate 360 degrees as wind direction changes. Reliable, uninterrupted service is crucial for Air traffic controllers to monitor wind conditions so they can determine the best runway for aircraft to use, especially important in adverse weather conditions or during emergency situations.

Government Agencies Training with Windsock Systems

In addition to these operational uses for government agencies, our windsocks are also used for training purposes to help military pilots and air traffic controllers develop their skills in assessing wind conditions and making decisions based on wind information.

Entrust BDS Systems with your military and government agency windsock needs, both domestic and international. Proudly made in the USA.

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